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Simultaneous Part Programming: The Key to Fast Throughput and High Productivity

MultiWriter Simultaneously Programs Up to 384 Parts at Once

As CPLD memory sizes increase, fast programming times are critically important.  MultiWriter delivers impressive throughput improvements over convention ICT-based part programming approaches via three key innovations:

  1. Serial-bus programming at near-data book speeds facilitated by MultiWriter’s unique in-fixture hardware that eliminates expensive channel cards and minimizes wire length for excellent signal fidelity.
  2. Simultaneous programming of up to 384 identical chips at a time (crucial for multi-board panel assemblies).
  3. Simultaneous programming of up to 16 different device types of up to 24 chips each. That means up to 384 (16 x 24) devices may be programmed at once.

The example multi-board panel assembly illustrated at right demonstrates how MultiWriter with simultaneous part programming multiplies throughput compared to conventional one part at a time programming.

A panel consisting of four identical boards, each with three different programmable parts (labeled A, B, C) requires 12 separate programming and verification operations using a conventional in-line part programmer.

Simultaneous programming requires only a single program/verification step that covers all twelve parts.

Multi-board panel:
4 boards, each with 3 different ISP chips
Conventional Part Programming:
Requires 24 individual programming/verification steps conducted in sequence.

Each red box represents an individual programming/verification operation.

MultiWriter Simultaneous Programming:
Requires just one programming/verification step since all chips are programmed and verified in a single programming sequence.


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