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CheckSum High-Throughput Option

The high-throughput option uses a dual test system architecture with dramatic results.

Benefits and Features
2 x Faster for multi-up panels
Use existing fixtures with minimal wiring additions
Compatible with existing Analyst series test systems
Upgrade your Analyst series In-Line, TR-9, & 12KN test systems

Increase Production Output 100%

  • Use your existing test system plus additional test resources
  • Use the validated test programs
  • Test fixtures are updated with minimal wiring additions
  • Same easy-to-use CheckSum software for new programs
  • Simple operator interface for production test
  • All of the standard CheckSum options and features are available
  • MultiWriter compliant for on-board, gang programming of multiple devices at same time on panel applications (up to 384 simultaneously)
  • CheckSum support, a board test and part programming company, founded in 1987

Please contact CheckSum to discuss the high-throughput option as an upgrade to your CheckSum, or with a new test system.

 MultiWriter Technology is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,802,021.


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