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Customer Case Histories

How CheckSum customers increase productivity and reduce cost

Founded in 1987, CheckSum has been delivering reliable, cost-effective, and flexible in-circuit test and on-board, in-system programming solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers (CM). With an installed base of over 3,000 test systems at more than 200 manufacturing sites in over 40 countries, CheckSum’s customers range from automotive electronics manufacturers to global EMS / CM providers.

CheckSum’s practical production test and on-board, in circuit, part programming solutions help its customers reduce total test and manufacturing costs and increase profit margins.

Read these customer case histories and newsletters to see how CheckSum delivers solutions that meet the demanding technical requirements while reducing total cost:

Tier 1 Contract Manufacturer Cuts Programming Cost by 66%

On-Board Part Programming with Pay-Per-Use

How One Manufacturer Slashed
In-Circuit Test Cost by 60%

CheckSum’s Analyst Works
Side-By-Side with ’Big Iron’ In Circuit
Testers at a Fraction of the Cost

An OEM finds the Analyst is the
Ideal Platform for Boundary Scan
Test and High Throughput In Circuit
Part Progamming

Contract Manufacturer (CM) Implements
Boundary Scan Test on a New Board with
CheckSum’s Analyst In Circuit Test System
Fault Coverage Improves 30%


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