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An off-line process programming system

Product Description

PillarPAD is the Windows® based Off-line Programming system for the Pillarhouse International range of Selective Soldering Systems. It provides a user-friendly interface to allow the User to produce Process Programs away from the Production line. This results in reduced downtime for the production line when configuring for a new product.

PillarPAD is a two-part software package:

PillarPAD Import

  • The pre-processor part of the package.
  • Interprets Gerber data and populates the process database with data to produce the graphical image.
  • Reads Gerber RS274 and RS274X formats.
  • Imports separate apertures lists with a semi-intelligent import wizard.

PillarPAD Draw

  • The process design part of the package.
  • Produces Graphical representations of the PCB.
  • Allows setting of Program Header data.
  • Allows easy creation of flux, preheat and solder joints and paths.
  • Solder nozzles shown as actual size.

The PillarPAD software package creates a single data file that can then be transferred to the required Selective Soldering System(s). One process program can be used on multiple Soldering Systems.

PillarPAD is available in two licensed formats

  • Software locked. This allows PillarPAD to be installed and run on a single PC. This is a non-transferable license.
  • Hardware locked. This allows PillarPAD to be installed on multiple PCs and a USB dongle is used to enable the package. Only the PC with the dongle fitted can run PillarPAD.

PillarPAD is compatible with XP®, Vista® , Windows7®, Windows8® and Windows10®.


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