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Legacy Testers

TR-4 / TR-8 Manufacturing Defects Analyzers (MDA)


  • Find most manufacturing faults
  • Easy to program and use
  • Flexibility to support many testing applications
  • Inexpensive
  • Optional power-up testing


  • Circuit assemblies
  • Back planes
  • Terminators
  • Cable/Harness assemblies

Recommended TR-4 or TR-8 Replacement Test System is the Analyst ems

Recommended TR-4/6, TR-6, or TR-8/6 Replacement Test System is the Analyst ems+ft

TR-4 / TR-8 ICT/MDA Board Test Overview

CheckSum In-Circuit Test (ICT) / Manufacturing Defects Analyzers (MDAs) provide the capability to quickly and easily test assemblies for common manufacturing defects such as incorrect, missing or misoriented components, and opens and shorts. These faults comprise the vast majority of problems encountered in the typical manufacturing flow. Since MDAs have low initial purchase price and ease in programming, they provide the most cost-effective means of improving productivity. MDA systems can quickly and accurately measure continuity, capacitors, resistors, inductors, voltages, semiconductor junction voltages, and SMT connections for opens. With these basic tools, MDAs can find most faults in analog or digital assemblies before power-up. CheckSum provides a line of MDA test systems to fill the needs of different applications:

TR-8 ICT/MDA Test System

The CheckSum Analyst mc system is a low-cost, 400 test point bench top MDA test system integrated with a mechanical-advantage fixture receiver. The fixture receiver system uses quick change fixture kits.

The Model TR-4 MDA test system increases test coverage by adding the capacity for higher point counts, wider component measurement ranges, and capabilities such as complex-impedance measurement techniques and guarding.

The Model TR-8 MDA test system increases test coverage even further with a wider measurement and guarding bandwidth, higher point count, SMT-open test coverage, Boundary-Scan option, and other features.

CheckSum Cable/Harness Test Systems

These are special order systems only. Please contact CheckSum for additional information.R-90 Continuity Test System

  • Opens/Shorts Testing
  • Programmable test thresholds (100-ohm to 100 M-ohm)
  • 200 Test-points per module
  • Expandable to 3200 test points

G-50 Continuity Test System

  • Opens/Shorts Testing
  • 96 Test Points per Module
  • Expandable to 768 Test Points

CheckSum Model TR-9-1000-QC

Recommended TR-9-1000-QC Replacement Fixture System is the 12KN

TR-9-1000-QC Long Travel Pneumatic Fixture System Overview

The CheckSum Model TR-9-1000-QC Long Travel Pneumatic Fixture System is designed to be the basis for CheckSum stand-alone bed-of-nails test systems.  Integrated into the system is rack space for system electronics, a keyboard, and a front panel with a minimum selection of buttons to make it easy, safe, and error-free for the operator to use.

The Model TR-9-1000-QC can be used for test fixturing of circuit boards up to 13.2″ x 16″.   This fixture system can be used for most general-purpose bed-of-nails fixturing applications including those with top and bottom access, and TestJet Technology*.

The Model TR-9-1000-QC utilizes a 6″ long-travel mechanism so that a lid does not need to be opened and closed between tests.  The unit-under-test (UUT) is simply removed and the next one put into place.  To start the test, the operator uses both hands to press and hold the Test button in conjunction with a safety button.   Once the test starts, the operator can release the buttons.  For extra safety, a force-sensing mechanism causes the system to release if it encounters resistance during its downward travel until the last 0.5″ of travel is reached.


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