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If You Think In Circuit Test (ICT) is a “Solved Problem,” You’re Wasting Money.
Evolving board and component technologies aren’t the only reason you need to reexamine your ICT strategy and equipment. Today’s smaller test departments and constrained budgets demand lower ICT costs. In a fixed budget environment every dollar you spend unnecessarily on ICT means a dollar that you can’t invest in new inspection technologies like AOI and AXI. Seeking a lower-cost ICT strategy means examining not only the tester’s purchase, but also ongoing operating and applications cost, such as fixturing, programming, and support. Keep in mind that no matter how low the purchase price, traditional “big iron” ICT still has high overhead costs that are built into the system like complex test fixtures and lengthy test programming processes. You continue to generate additional cost even when “big iron” capabilities like digital vector test are left unused.

What’s needed: “True” Low-Cost Test
Savvy OEMs and contract manufacturers know that the Fault Spectrum Shift, today’s increasingly complex boards, and shrinking budgets demand a test strategy that simultaneously delivers improved test coverage while reducing total test expense. CheckSum’s Analyst True Low-Cost in circuit tester provides the test coverage today’s—and tomorrow’s— technology demands at a fraction the system price and operating cost of traditional “big iron ICT—even their so-called “low-cost” ICT. So-called “low-cost testers” from traditional ICT suppliers still require the same high-priced fixtures and complicated programming processes as their more expensive siblings. Since application and operating costs usually exceeds tester purchase price after just a few test jobs, this is hardly a “low cost solution” where it matters: ongoing cost of ownership. CheckSum carries its low-cost design philosophy that eliminates unneeded complexity wherever possible through the entire test and ISP programming strategy: tester, bed-of-nails fixtures, test program development, high throughput ISP programming and operating and maintenance costs. CheckSum’s Analyst systems deliver a complete test solution: standard in circuit test and available vectorless test, boundary scan and ISP programming capability in a compact, rugged package supported by CheckSum’s exclusive turnkey services. That’s why True Low-Cost Test™ from CheckSum is the preferred solution for manufacturers who are willing to go back and reexamine their existing ICT strategies and equipment. And they’ve found that the cost saving reward is great.


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