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Antistatic Clear A4 Binder

  • A4 portrait format binder, transparent cover and back with blue spine
  • Permanent static dissipative PVC
  • Stamped with the ESD Symbol
  • Recyclable


Document Wallets

  • Document wallets made from static dissipative polyethylene film
  • Complies with EN 61340-5-1
  • Amine free
  • Heat sealable
  • Transparent
  • Recyclable
The Rs value is guaranteed for up to 3 years under normal use and storage conditions.


Antistatic Ring Binder

  • A4 portrait format
  • Antistatic blue PVC covering


Posca Pens

We can offer a wide range of Posca Pens that offer great permanent marking on paper, glass, plastic and fabric. For further information on the specifications, please visit our website.

  • The colour markers, have unique water-based pigment ink which is usable on most surfaces
  • You won’t find the same fade-proof/waterproof performance with other water-based ink markers
  • Vast range of colour availability

Black Conductive Storage Bins

Electro conductive storage containers for the safe storage of static sensitive components.

  • Injection moulded with anti-static additive and non-fade ultra violet stabiliser
  • Strong, heavy duty with reinforced base, sides and stacking rim
  • Durable, resistant to most industry solvents and can withstand high temperatures
  • Clean and smooth inside faces guard against build up of grease

Designed to Ministry of Defence specification 59/98 and BS EN 100015

Conductive PCB Rack

  • Moulded from conductive polypropylene
  • Surface resistance 103–105 Ohm
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1
  • Ideal for the transportation of PCB’s


SMT Magazine Rack

SMT magazine racks are designed for the manufacture, assembly, storage and transfer of PCB

  • Gear adjustment
  • Common type (60oC) and heat resistant type (120oC, 160-200oC) are available
  • Surface resistance: 104 – 106 Ohms


Conductive Foam

  • Carbon impregnated conductive polyurethane foam
  • Non corrosive
  • Ideal for cushioning product in transit
  • Custom sizes cut to order
  • Low density foam is ideal for cushioning product in transit
  • High density foam offers excellent pin insertion properties

We can assist and advise on a vast range of cross linked closed cellfoams for specialist applications please contact one of ourexperienced sales team.

Technical Specification for Low Density Foam (High density available on request):
Property: Test Method: Requirement:
Foam Type N/A Polyether polyurethane foam impregnated
with flexible conductive latex
Density (kg/m3) BS 4443 Pt1 Method 2 24 minimum
Tensile Strength (KPa) BS 4443 Pt1 Method 3A 70 minimum
Elongation @ Break (%) BS 4443 Pt1 Method 3A 100 minimum
Loss in Tensile Strength After Heat Ageing (%) BS 4443 Pt1 Method 3A
140oC for 16 hours
30% Max Loss
Loss in Tensile Strength After Humidity
Ageing (%)
BS 4443 Pt1 Method 3A
105oC for 3 hours
30% Max Loss
Compression Set (50% Compression) BS 4443 Pt1 Method 3A 30% Max Loss
Volume Resistivity (ohms/m) BS 2044 Pt1 Method 3
250 maximum
Surface Resistivity (K ohms) Megger BM201
Compression Deflection at 50% Compression BS 4443 Pt1 Method 5A 3.3 KPa (Typical Value)


Conductive Waste Bin

Fibreboard Waste Bin

  • Made of conductive fibreboard 2mm thick
  • Reinforced bottom corners
  • Round-headed metal stud feet
  • Resistance: <106 ohms

Polypropelene Waste Bin

  • Made of black conductive polypropylene
  • Marked with ESD logo
  • Washable
  • Rg: <106 ohms


ESD Refuse Sack

  • Our ESD refuse sacks are made of antistatic polyethylene
  • Printed in black with ESD caution logo and text onto polyethylene
  • Supplied in packs of 100
  • Available in multiple colour options for waste management

Homogeneous, non-amine antistatic polythene film which is effective at low relative humidities (less than 12%). Specifically designed for the particular needs of the electronics industry, it meets Type II Mil B 81705C.


Clean Room Safe Static Dissipative Bottles

These molded polyethylene bottles utilise a concentrate that does not contain any Ethoxylated Tertiary Amine, which is widely used as an antistatic agent. These ESD safe bottles have an average surface resistivity of 109 to 1010Ω/square and do not have any less desirable features associated with surfactant laden material.

These bottles will dissipate a static charge of +5000V in less than 2 seconds at 40% relative humidity. By their chemical nature, they will not have any chemical reactivity with solvents as TCE or alcohol. The pH of the deionised water solutions tested were the same before and after a seven day period. No colour or physical change was noted for any solvents tested.


Laminating Sheets

  • Our ESD laminating sheets will work with any standard document laminating system found from any office supply stores
  • Made from PET / EVA
  • 80 micron thickness
  • Grammage of 95gram/m2
  • Elongation: MD161% / TD120


Conductive Brush Range

  • Conductive handle with conductive nylon bristles
  • Suitable for cleaning PCB’s
  • Resistivity 104 to 106 Ohms
  • Suitable for both abrasion and residue removal
  • The handle is made of conductive plastic (104–106 Ω) and the comb is made of dissipative plastic (108–1010 Ω)
  • Removes dirt on PCB or other sensitive components, and discharges the static electricity to the ground
  • Brushes minimize static charge generation and dissipates ESD charges to ground when held by grounded personnel



ESD PVC Dotted Palm Glove – Nylon

  • Dissipative
  • Elastic
  • Breathable
  • Dust Free
  • Colour: White Liner / Red Dot Palm Coating
  • Material: 100% Pure Nylon (280 Denier with 13 Gauge) : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Dotted Palm Coating
  • Available with Red Palm Other size available upon request.



ESD PVC Dotted Palm Glove – Copper

  • Conductive ESD PVC Dotted Palm Glove – Copper
  • Colour: Natural Bronze Copper Liner / White Dot Palm Coating
  • Material: 80% Nylon and 20% Copper (Knitted with 13 Gauge) : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Dotted Palm Coating Other size available upon request.


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