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CPS -IEP  is a leading global supplier of quality secondhand SMT/Thru-Hole & Test equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry worldwide.

We have worked closely with top EMS and OEM operations worldwide for over 20 years providing cost-effective production equipment solutions and competitive services.

We currently offer for sale a complete SMT line consisting of:

  1. MPM 100 automatic screen printer from Speedline with parameters as below:
    • PCB size 608x508mm, thickness from 0.2mm to 5mm
    • Frame size with template 736x736mm
    • Positioning accuracy 12.5um / 6sigma
    • Printing accuracy: 20um / 6sigma
    • Automatic wet / dry template cleaning system
    • Visual reference point recognition system
    • Barcode reader
    • Production year 2015
  1. Fuji Aimex IIS automat with two heads, belt feeders, vibrating feeders, LTW tray feeder – Year of production: 2015
  2. OmniMAX7 – OmniMAX7 reflow soldering oven equipped with seven double (top and bottom) heating zones and two cooling zones. Each heating zone is equipped with a separate fan with smoothly regulated speed. Transport with adjustable travel speed and adjustable width in the range from 51 to 508mm equipped with an adjustable support. Year of production: 2015
  3. Transportes (loader, unloader, conveyors)
  4. RACK magazines, container trolleys.


Detailed list of accessories and device specifications on request. The line is in very good condition, worked + / – 2000h.

Sale only in a set


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