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Musashi Engineering is a Japanese company founded in 1978 specializing in dispensing and through a number of offices around the world to reach customers representing many different industries. Musashi devices are manufactured in Japan and they go not only to the electronics industry, but also to the automotive, medical, space, military, as well as cosmetics and food industries.

The dosing technologies used by Musashi allow the dosing of high-density materials (e.g. solder paste), all kinds of adhesives, varnishes and lubricants. A wide range of dosing heads, nozzles, needles makes the products complete and allows you to adapt the application method to the specific requirements of the customer, and used robots and controllers automate the dosing process. Examples of applications are shown in the pictures of movies. If you are looking for solutions for dispensing materials for your applications, please contact our office, we will help find a solution to the problem.

Below we present some videos showing the capabilities of Musahi Eng devices.


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