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Manual visual optical control is not a good solution. To overcome human limitations, inconsistent results, and global labor cost increases, manufacturers are looking for intelligent automated solutions.

As Industry 4.0 develops, industrial automation and robotics replace many manual tasks in production. However, when it comes to visual quality control, most production lines still employ employees in the tedious task of testing products and assessing defects.

The biggest disadvantage of manual visual control is that people make mistakes. Tired employees often skip defects that “escape” from quality screens in the production hall and leak into the packaging of finished products or into integrated systems. When these defects are discovered or appear at a later stage, often by end customers, users or consumers, it is too late, and removing the overlooked defects is very expensive. The cost of poor quality (CoPQ) in these cases is significant. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of returning or rejecting the goods (RMA), scrapping, processing, and in many cases a negative impact on brand reputation and end customer dissatisfaction.

Our partner, Kitov Systems, paves the way for intelligent production by developing the right technology to enable intelligent computer-controlled visual control and supports manufacturers on their digital transformation path.

Kitov Systems is a pioneer of intelligent visual control!

Kitov uses 3D Computer Vision algorithms and artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning, to reliably and consistently detect and classify critical defects without human intervention.

Kitov One is an AOI robot that will find application not only at the electronics manufacturer, but also in the automotive, defence, space, and medical industries. The possibility of adapting the system to the customer’s needs gives unlimited application possibilities.

Below is a video presenting Kitov Systems.

The next film is an example of using the system to verify the correctness of the final assembly of a fairly complicated device manufactured by a very well-known company.


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